I'm Crisrobert Caires founder of Crisrobert Cartoons, I'm an illustrator, designer, creator of characters and character maps, ink painter and murals in the street art style. Married to Marta Leal Caires who gave life to one of my most cherished characters, Bor, in the contaginate book “Bear Cover” (Camisa de Urso). The Crisrobert Cartoons' Studios is located in Campo Magro city, 5 minutes from city where I was born, Curitiba, that is capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná. On this website I share with you my portfolio. These works made ​​over the years alternating between the various styles and techniques.I hope you enjoy because the illustrations were made with great dedication. Feel free to leave your message.

Welcome to the Crisrobert Cartoons' World!!!