cris robert cartoon biography


Crisrobert Caires grew up copying the dinosaurs from the book that his grandfather had. He was always a history lover and as a child, he spent hours in the library looking at the illustrations of Jules Verne’s book, the Prince Valiant and historical illustrations of people of the past, as the Romans and the Vikings.

When he realized, as a teenager, that the illustration was more than a passion, he studied drawing techniques in a course offeredby the mayor of his hometown. Crisrobert could not attend to study in the Arts’ University. But, maybe fate had reserved him something better for the development of his technique.

He studied Physical Education at the University, and with that came the improvement of human anatomy leading to the development of muscles in his characters like his Hollywood heroes 80s. During that time drawing was just a hobby to kill time. It was only after the wedding with writer Marta Leal Caires that his passion was reborn perfecting his drawing to create his own identity. From paintings on T-shirts and his wife’s towels to painting with ink and his own homewall, from copying his favorite characters to creating his own, Crisrobert Caires had created his own world inside Crisrobert Cartoons, with several characters, along them the protagonists of the work “Bear Cover” (“Camisa de Urso”) Egthon and Bor. Working with his wife Marta creating morecharacters for the upcoming construction of the Bear Cover is guaranteed.